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Friday, February 25, 2011

I wish I had visitors!

LOL It is some hard for me to get people to sign up at my new sight it is so new in fact that it scares people away! I cant see why it lets you have all the info one could ever need and all you have to do is join we have a specular deal for those who join! Yes you will have to read but you will find it if you go threw the site.

We are here to help people that feel like they cant find the perfect program to get involved with well the best programs is what I am looking for too and when I find them you will see them too as that is what my site is for! If you find something good or bad post it we will narrow it down and be able to find the real bread winners!

Plus if you want to be a tester (Note this is not a job that you get paid for unless you do make money from the program your testing) then you will be able to post your findings in our winners page! That will be your add for your program that you will get paid for!

Lots more to come I am just working all the pieces together come see it all from the ground up! This is the beginning of a great site!

Mass Money Marketing

Today I want to announce a new site I have created to help those of you struggling with online profits! I wont tell you my sob to riches ending here but this is the beginning to the biggest (I hope) ever, "group of people that will come together to help the common good of all" site! I feel real silly saying that but Its so hard to describe! I want people to come join if they are worried about getting ripped off or taken for a ride! I want you to come join me as I want to start the greatest marketing campaign the world has ever seen from scratch!

I guess its been done before but you have to admit when the site starts to fill with people from places around the world that have the right info for you to get your dream house and car you will be glad you got in while you still could! We are but in our testing stage and hope that we get people to join! There will be no spam or nothing like that! I want to release a product when My site is finished and The product is finished! Ill keep it all real hush hush! You will get the normal sign up email letting you know you need to confirm but that's it.

All other information will be posted as it need be on the sites blog and places on the internet!

If your a first time marketer you will want to show up and get in on some inside information! If you have been doing it for a while come see whats new or post something in the blog!.... I want to start a sort of home brew site from scratch! I will up grade it as we go and hopefully with the help of our members we can become # 1 on the internet for marketing!

I want you to come see my new members only site called Mass Money Marketing!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

My web site  I started this site because noboy in my home town seems to give a shit about that fact that we are like twenty years behind the world at eveything! Our local web page hasnt been updated since 2009! And the people who run these sites wont let local people put there "stuff" on these sites! As they say,"We dont make enough money off you to do what you want at this time! As if they made enough money to do anything anyways. No tim hortons here no walmart not even any pizza delivery, Oh unless you call the cab that will charge you seven dollors to deliver it! And to top it off its just frozen pizza ! Gross! Its a shame! So this site was started for free, the pages are free. And if you wanna showcase you local "stuff" hit me up I am sure I can do more then the people running the othere web sites in placentia have or will do any time soon!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My new book

I just got a copy of my book in the mail and am iIever happy with it! Thats all I got to say thanks

Monday, November 29, 2010

Good day to you all

And thanks again for checking up on me. I have great news, I am working on a free all inclusive spot on my web pages. I have five pages that I can create free of charge to me or anyone that wants them. I dont believe in waste so if your in the placentia area and wanna be set up with a free page for you to do as you please let me know. I heard and seen first hand how the web pages for the town are so hard to get onto so this is my attempt at rectifiying that problem! Please come and see what is in store for the Placetia Newfoundland area! On my site: ,and if you like what you see and want to be apart of what I hope is a great chance to showcase your "STUFF" here go ahead and leave me your contact info on my "contact us" page on my site and ill see what I can do for you! Because I want to for you!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

A person I met

Hi guys I am back with some good news. my book has sold two copies and I am hoping to sell a lot more.
i just want you all to get a glimps at some of the best poetry I have ever writen.

Now to my blog I met a person who has a site for medical writings on various subjects. It would be worth your time to have a look see, she has started to promote my book so I must promote her. Please have a look she is quite intuitive on many fronts.  Here are a few more that i am sure you might find interesting  and  Thank you all for having a look at my blog and if your interrested in promoting your goods or services let me know Ill be glad to do you up a spot here and a few other places. Thanks again everyone!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

My new book

Hi everyone, Its me John Goldsworthy here letting you know I just published a book. I am so proud of this since it is one of those things that I have wanted to do for at least ten years or more. I can tell you if you do like good poetry then this book is a no brainer. They are all my work, no copies or rewrites here people, Just my brain spilled out on paper like paint on the carpet. Once you read it youll never get them out of your head lol.... this is my website you can preview the prints. I hope someone checks them out. There is an option to buy but you can preview it there as well. Please have a look, read the few that are there, in the preview, and please tell me what you think. The book is over 40 pages and one poem per page. And I must warn you if you are not in to hate or anger poetry then you dont have to look any farther as this book was writen in a dark time of my life. Nothing too vulger just very dark and angry. please give me a review or two so can know its as good as i think it is. lol Thanks everyone